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List of Bachelor- and Master Thesis project I supervise. I have various open thesis topics, which you can apply for.

Spring 2016

  • aWall - Virtual Team Room

In this aWall project the students developped and implemented a concept to allow making Agile meetings with distributed teams using video and audio streaming technology. The challenge of this project was to develop a concept for "virtual team room" which establishes as much closness as possible, with all teams seeing each other and seeing also what the other team is doing on the Agile wall. 
Student(s): Alain Horst, Marc Kaufmann
Duration: 3/16 - 8/16 

  • aWall - Fun Widget

One goal of the aWall system is to foster Agile collaboration and Agile team thinking. One tool for this is to allow team members to post personal pictures to the wall as can be seen on many pinboards (holiday pcitures, marriage, ...). We adopted this idea for the aWall. In this project the student realized the "Fun Widget" and a android smartphone application, which allows to take photos and send them directly to the aWall "Fun Widget" which shows the latest pictures in a carousel mode.
Student(s): Florian Fankhauser
Duration: 3/16 - 8/16 

Spring 2015

  • aWall - Responsive Web Design from Wall to Tablet (Master Thesis)

In this follow-up project Stefan Röthlisberger continued his work on the aWall project. He extended the developed Web UI framework to support operation of the aWall application on tablets. As a concrete case study, he applied the concept for "Sprint Planning 2" meeting, in which team members can write new taks on their tablets and send them to the large wall.
Student(s): Stefan Röthlisberger
Duration: 3/15 - 8/15 

  • JavaFX Heatmap

Design and Implementation of a framework to record user interface interactions in a JavaFX application and visualize the recorded interactions in a heat map. Special emphasize must be taken, that the recording does not influence application performance negatively. The framework is configurable to allow recording of individual widgets and windows. 
Web Site: FX HeatMap
Students: Joachim Leu, Dominik Meyer
Duration: 2/15 - 8/15

Autum 2014

  • Component Architecture for Loosly Coupled Responsive Web Applications - CALWA (Master Thesis)
    This follow-up project of the ATB project comprises the development of a GUI architecture concept for the realization of loosly-coupled web components for the Agile Collaboration Wall system. The architecture should allow easy development and integration into the Agile Collaboration Wall system and is implemented in HTML 5 and JavaScript. For a validation of the concept the Sprint Planning 2 Meeting will be implemented and integrated for the Agile Collaboration Wall system.
    Student(s): Stefan Röthlisberger
    Duration: 9/14 - 3/15 

  • Agile Collaboration Widgets - ACW (Bachelor Thesis)
    Development of collaboration supporting widgets for our Mutli-Touch Wall based Agile Collaboration Wall system. The project includes a meeting timer widget to conduct time boxed meetings and a "sitcker widget" which allows to post any kind of stickers on the task board of the system.
Web Site: Collab Widget
Student(s): Livia Scapin
Duration: 9/14 - 3/15
  • Agile Multi-Touch Task Board - AMTTB 
    This follow-up project of the ATB project comprises the continuouing development of the ATB to add the required functionality and meet the basic user so that the system can be installed at pilot-customers for testing in real-world conditions. This project is part of our ongoiung Agile Collaboration Wall system, which is developed at out research lab. 
    Student(s): Suprasert Khaolaorr
    Duration: 9/14 - 2/15

  • Automated FitNesse Test Creator
    Fitnesse is a web based accpetance test application for executing automated Fit accpeance test. Writing and maintaining these tests causes a lot of effort and is error prone. This project has the goal to automate the test creation and maintenance process, and create the tests the for JSON/REST-API methods based on the documention generate by swagger. If possible also creation of test data will be inclduded.
    Student(s): Jonas Oeschger
    Duration: 9/14 - 2/15

Spring 2014
  • Agile Task Board - ATB (8. Semester)
    Development of an Agile Task Board application for our Multi-Touch Wall based Agile Collaboration Wall system. The project had the goal to veriy if the developped UI and interaction concept for our Agile Collaboration Wall can be implemented as a Web application using HTML 5 and JavaScript.
    Student(s): Stefan Röthlisberger
    Duration: 3/14 - 9/14

  • Agile Data Service API - ADS (7. Semester)

Development of a  REST based Web Service data API for our Multi-Touch based Agile Collaboration Wall. The Data Service API allows to connect to externa issue tracking systems (like Jira, TFS, ...) and provides a uniform access of the Agile Collaboration Wall to the required data. This server-side component has been implemented in C# and Net . technology.
Student(s): Stefan Röthlisberger

Duration: 9/13 - 3/14

Open Thesis Topics

Agile Collaboration Wall - aWall
I have several topics in the area of the Agile Collobarion Wall - aWall. aWall is an application for a large mulit-touch wall displays to support and foster Agile teams in their Agile collaboration. It is designed to support any kind of Agile meetings, for co-located and distributed teams. Get an impression of aWall watching the aWall video.

Open topics for a student project project work, Bachelor or Master Thesis are:

  • Implementation of new meetings
    • User Story Grooming meeting,
    • Retrospective meeting,
    • Sprint planning 1 meeting
    • Resource Planning Meeting
  • Support for distributed team meetings 
  • Implementation of further functionality like
    • Resource Planning Widget
    • Burndown/Burnup Chart Widget
    • Definition-of-Done Management Widget
    • Impediment Management Widget
    • Story Boarding
  • Fun Widget Mobile App
    • We have an Android mobile application to send pictures from a mobile device to any aWall project. The application was realized with Cordova. The application should also be migrated to iPhoen and Windows Mobile, using the Cordova technology.

Swiss Agile Study - www.swissagilestudy.ch
Other topics relate to the Swiss Agile Study, the largest independent Swiss Study about the application of software development methodologies and practices in Switzerland.
We do the evaluation and analysis of the study still manually using Excel. This could be automated, improved and extended using statistical analysis tools like R, or others.
This work require a good understanding of Agile processes and statistical analysis.

Interested in one of the topics. Just contact me.